About Hilary

Savvy digital strategist specializing in analytics, SEO, SEM, A/B testing and conversion optimization.


HilaryI'm a digital strategist with 10 years of web design and digital marketing experience. I have experience writing, producing and managing content and social media for major media corporations. I'm currently the Web Content Operations Coordinator at Onvia, Inc.

When I'm not focused on content strategy, I run on the many trails that weave in and around Seattle. My dog Zed does not accompany me on my runs, but he is exceptionally good at sleeping.

It's not hard to track people down (thanks, internet!) and having my own website is just one more way to make that work a little easier. Twitter is a great way to say 'Hello!'. If you have a lot on your mind there is always email.

A regular work day involves:

  • Designing and executing digital marketing plans
  • Optimizing websites to build brand awareness and increase conversions
  • Building an SEO strategy and SEM campaigns to drive traffic to websites

What does a digital marketer do?

  • Plan a website strategy
  • Generate new leads
  • Build insightful website analytic reports
  • Determine if now is the right time to redesign
  • Measure the success of email marketing campaigns
  • Perform an SEO audit
  • Set and exceed client expectations

Project Management Presentations

No Regrets Web Design | How Your Worst Clients Make You Better | Project Management – 3, 2, 1 … Launch!

Small business marketing

My former company, Red Phone Studio, was how I helped small businesses improve their websites, including increasing quality traffic and leads. I also wrote blog posts (250-500 words) and in-depth, researched articles (1,400+ words) for my client's target audience.