Quick Fit Tip: 5 Muscles You Want To Foam Roll After A Run

I just banked 10+ miles. Yesterday I lifted, which means today my muscles are a little tight and a little sore. After the miles I just put in my entire body is tired.

The last thing I want to do is foam roll.

All I want to do is hydrate and curl up on the couch with a cold chocolate protein drink and a good rom-com.

But I know that if I foam roll now, while my muscles are warm from my workout, I’ll feel more relaxed afterwards. My muscles will thank me.

So I drag out my yoga mat and a foam roller and hit the following muscles:

  • calves
  • quads
  • illiotibial band
  • piriformis
  • hamstrings

Are those body parts foreign to you? Not sure exactly what a piriformis is? For instructions on how to execute the above moves – check out this article on Runner’s World.

Prefer to follow along with a video? Below is a foam rolling leg routine that’s just under 5 minutes long. Enjoy!