Baked Greek Chicken Recipe

Want to bake some tasty chicken? How about using only three ingredients to do it?

Let’s go to Flavortown together!

Ok, in all seriousness we know that I cannot cook. But I’m working on that.

My most recent kitchen disaster was exploding a hard boiled egg in the microwave. Yup. An already cooked egg, that I wanted to warm up after being in the refrigerator…got murdered in my microwave.

egg exploded in microwave
Fear thee not! What little egg I was able to salvage was consumed.

I can hear you, you of the ‘that’s not even cooking’ people. Aaaaaand…it’s hard to argue with you.

But you have to understand that when these simple things elude me in the kitchen, the idea of making pork chops or baking chicken breasts becomes ten times more intimidating.

Baked Greek Chicken Recipe Ingredients

  • chicken breast(s)
  • olive oil
  • Greektown seasoning

There you have it. Three ingredients.

But, I hear you say, how much of each ingredient should we use? Fair question.

I used a spoonful (that’s Hilary kitchen-speak for approximately 1 tablespoon) of the Greektown seasoning to cover two chicken breasts which each weighed just over half a pound. Using a dollop of extra virgin olive oil I massaged in the seasoning.

“What is this Greektown seasoning you speak of?”, you ask. My mom, who does know how to cook, brought it to me during her last visit. Yes, she too knows that I don’t cook, but she’s eternally optimistic that someday I will cook more. What can I say? People sometimes like to give gifts that are important to them to the people they love. It’s their way of trying to share their joy for an activity or experience with people they care about. *Armchair psychologist slowly crawls back into its box*

Greektown seasoning, made by The Spice House, has a blend of salt, garlic (yum!), Greek oregano and several other ingredients.

Greektown seasoning by The Spice House
Greektown seasoning is made by The Spice House

I wrapped aluminum foil over a baking pan and then placed the seasoned chicken breasts inside the pan.

Once my oven dinged that it had reached 400 degrees I popped the chicken breasts in and waited 25 minutes.

baked greek chicken recipe
Baked Greek Chicken recipe – before (pictured left) and after (pictured right)

Be sure to slice into both breasts to verify that there is no uncooked chicken. You can always put it back in for a few more minutes to finish the job.

I hereby mark this effort as a successful kitchen expedition.

Got any suggestions for side dishes? Send them to me faster than the time it takes for your oven to heat up using my contact form.