Cooking Steel Cut Oats

My Laughable Attempt to Cook Steel Cut Oats

I’ve purchased instant oatmeal before…in fact I’ve bought quite a few brands over the years, but I never liked the taste. Even the ones with peanut butter flavored chips or brown sugar. I’ve tried a lot of different flavors with little success.

And yet, I feel like I’m supposed to like steel cut oats. Steel cut oats. Oatmeal. Even the words sound healthy. Hearty. Good for you. Yup, I really want to like oatmeal.

A few days ago I set out to try and like them again. I walked to the grocery store and found myself searching for plain, boring, no-sizzle organic steel cut oats. To jazz things up I also purchased dried cherries and sliced almonds.

steel cut oats in container

The directions on the container said you could microwave the oats. They were right there beneath the stove top directions. Apparently, my microwave was not having any of that.

Let me show you my two microwave cooking fails. Each literal hot mess of an attempt to microwave steel cut oats required a good cleaning of said microwave.

oats cooked microwave fail

oats cooked microwave failure again

Feeling defeated my husband stepped in and cooked me one serving by following the stove top directions.

What Do Steel Cut Oats Taste Like?

The taste was underwhelming. But not horrible. If the color beige had a taste it would be plain cooked oats. Let’s leave it at that.

To improve the flavor experience I added the dried cherries, which helped. I also ended up throwing in some dark chocolate chips as well. The trick is to make sure I don’t end up with a bowl of chocolate chips and dried cherries with a side of oats. I know you know what I’m talking about.

The next day I decided to cook a huge batch (on the stove) in order to give myself more opportunities to learn to like oats.

oats cooking on stove top

I’ll have enough to last me through the week. 6 servings.

Can Steel Cut Oats Go Bad?

From what I read on the internet, cooked steel cut oats can last up to 6 days when stored properly. I’m storing my freshly cooked batch in one of these airtight plastic containers.

cooked oats success

cooked oats storage container

The end.