CrossFit Is Fun

I am not a CrossFitter. At least, not yet.

I’ll admit, as someone who is very comfortable in any gym and trying new athletic activities (rock climbing, kayaking, triathlons…you get the point), I wasn’t ready to interject myself into what I was certain would be a lunk-mosphere sport. Hence why I’m a little late to trying it out.

In retrospect I blame the movies I watched on Netflix (i.e., Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness). They spotlight the finest athletic specimen in CrossFit and I wrongly projected them as being a reflection of the entire sport in general.

To be frank, I’ve attended two CrossFit classes, both were on Saturdays. On the second Saturday, a couple brought their baby to the workout…it was placed between them and stayed quiet the entire time. For me, that totally killed the fear factor of jumping into any future CrossFit classes. When I shared this story with a colleague, he said, “you could look at it the other way, and see just how intense they are in the sport.”

Sidebar: I was told Saturdays are typically more cardio focused and that to really experience a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) I needed to come during the work week, which I have yet to do.

The guy running the class was welcoming and provided a lot of guidance, as needed (meaning, if I asked for it – it was provided). He didn’t hover, which I appreciated. At my first class he made it clear that dropping out mid-WOD was the norm and not the exception. My classmates we’re equally warm and inviting, again, flipping my mental impressions of what I was expecting. They were happy to be there, focused on the workout and respectful of the space.

Other workout details: The workout itself lasted approximately 24 minutes. There was a clock on the ceiling counting the minutes, that’s how I know. The warm up lasted anywhere from 10-15 minutes. There was no structured cool down on either day. The CrossFit coach suggested people foam roll before they leave. I went to the same CrossFit studio both times.

And did I mention there are no mirrors? I don’t know if this is a standard at all CrossFit gyms, but I loved that…and I hated it. It made me entirely reliant on the leader of the WOD to point out if my form was wrong. So that I didn’t like. But the freedom of not having to avoid looking at myself as I get my sweat on was awesome.

Will I do CrossFit in the future? For sure. I’ve even encouraged my friends to give it a go too. But it’s not ever going to be my go-to workout. I’m not a fan of explosive movements or trying to do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in a given amount of time. It’s totally a personal preference, but these days I like to take things a little slower. Plus, I like my alone time in the gym, so I’m not one for group classes.

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