Strength Training In My Garage Gym

In my last post I shared with you how I turned my garage into a mini gym. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s definitely worth a read.

It only took 9 days and around $300 to add significant value to our home (significant to my husband and I, if not to any future buyers).

Our garage got 3 more upgrades since the previous post.

  • A new coat of paint for the floor
  • A resistance band board
  • Interior overhead lights

My husband decided the floor needed a makeover too because the oil stains were bothering him. They tended to stand out when you opened the door. He did a great job and it definitely complements the look of the mini gym.

We also nailed a board to the wall and added hooks in order to perform strength training using resistance bands. Now I can lock in the bands above my head, at chest or ankle level. Typically I used my resistance bands without a board in my living room, but this layout gives me a LOT more options and tons more space to move about freely.

The finishing touch was the interior lighting. I thought it would be fun to lightening up the place using something you don’t usually see in a gym, but might more associate them with an outdoor beach party. White globe lanterns now adorn the ceiling, for those days and nights when I feel like working out with less harsh lighting.

garage to gym with interior lights
My garage – that is now also a gym – with the interior festive lights turned on.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to go to my gym and know that I won’t have to wait in line to use any piece of equipment. I won’t have to adjust the bike to fit me, or wait for someone to finish watching their show on YouTube in between their sets (seriously, if you do this, STOP IT RIGHT NOW) or drive somewhere to get a cardio or strength training workout in.

Do you have a home gym? Send me a message with what you love about it and which piece of equipment is your favorite.