Professional Product Photography of Gourmet Chocolate and Foodstuff

I recently started taking product photographs for use on the Dilettante Chocolates and Seattle Gourmet Foods websites and social media accounts. Shortly thereafter we began including the glam shots in emails to our subscribers.

Here are a few shots I took during the holidays at one of the Dilettante Mocha Caf├ęs in 2017:

When we started selling our new chocolate bars the best way to announce it was via Facebook, an email to our subscribers and on our website. Below is the Facebook post:

To see the image used on the Dilettante Chocolates homepage showing the 4 new chocolate bar flavors, click here.

Since then I’ve also taken images of football cookies, Valentine’s Day chocolates, oh, and more Valentine’s Day chocolates.

In September of 2017 I started posting images on my personal Instagram account of my oatmeal cooking experiments and travels. If you want to check out my most recent product photography of Oreo cookies, like the one in the featured image above, you can click here and go there now.