Have You Heard Of TRX?

TRX. You’ve seen them, even if you don’t recognize the name.

And if you do know what they are, have you ever used them?

For those still wondering, TRX are those long black straps (the newer models come with a splash of yellow around the handles) that hang from support bars at your local gym.

You can also quickly scroll down to the end of this article to see a video thumbnail of what they look like. I’ll wait right here…take your time…

Yeah, those things.

Now that we’ve clearly identified what TRX equipment is, we should try learning how to use it. Why? Because that’s my idea of a good time. And yours too I imagine if you’re reading my blog.

My mission: Find one move the average gym-goer can perform using TRX.

I rarely see people use them in the gym. And I’ve been gym-ing for a long time. Know what that means? You won’t have to wait to use it! Ha! I love that.

More often than not, if I do see someone performing a suspension training movement it’s under the guidance of a personal trainer. But my guess is the inventor didn’t want this to be an exercise that required supervision.

My hope is that we can one day be the kind of people who use the TRX equipment regularly and it will be less of a mystery to the general gym population.

Here’s The One Move You Can Do With TRX

The Move: Assisted squat.

Why did I pick this exercise? And this particular video? Because if older adults can do this move, non-older adults should be able to crush it!

This video instructs you on how to perform the assisted squat by breaking the movements down into several simple components that makes this exercise a great choice for beginning TRX-ers.

Once you’ve nailed your assisted squat I’m pretty sure you’re going to feel like a bad@ss for using the suspension straps. Don’t be surprised if fellow gym members stare and approach you afterwards for pointers on how they can execute the move.

Ready for one more exercise? Read on!

Here’s A More Advanced Move You Can Do With TRX

The Move: Plank with the TRX.

Yup, we’re taking the familiar plank and making it a smidge more challenging by throwing in the TRX.

ATTENTION: Make sure you can do a forearm plank on the ground for a minimum of 20-30 seconds before attempting this more advanced move.

Follow along with the steps below:

  • Place your feet in the suspension straps
    • slowly and carefully, remember, no one is waiting anxiously to use this piece of equipment
  • Safely adjust yourself into the plank position
    • engage your core muscles to help with this tricky balancing maneuver
  • Hold for 30 seconds
    • say hello to gravity and your bodyweight!

I know just the thing to make this explanation easier. Video.

Got 30 second? Watch how to perform a plank using TRX.

Interested in using TRX equipment? Got questions? Hit me up on my contact form.