Where Dreams Go To Die in Seattle

On Friday, October 13, 2017 Gary Robbins and Ethan Newberry came to Seattle to show ‘Where Dreams Go To Die‘ a documentary about Gary’s experience at The Barkley Marathon in 2016 and 2017.

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I was lucky enough to get selected as a volunteer to help out with the event and meet Gary, Ethan, Kim and some of the other folks that made the evening a success. If you attended the event, I was one of your (two) ticket takers checking names off. Many thanks to everyone who attended. You were kind and gracious, despite the long line to get into the show!

An extra assignment for showing up early was getting to string the maps, torn out book pages and bibs to the walls. Apologies, as I’m now realizing that not all the correct numbers were facing outward. There is a possibility that Gary had a bib number of 86, but I’d have to re-watch the film to be sure.

What am I talking about? One of the quirks with The Barkley is that with every loop a runner gets a new bib. Out on the course the runner needs to rip a page from a book that corresponds with their number. For example, Gary had bib number 39 for one loop, meaning he had to tear out the page with the number 39 on it in every book and bring them all back to camp to show Laz. Laz is The Barkley race director, a.k.a. Gary Cantrell, a.k.a. Lazarus Lake. If my explanation doesn’t make sense, it will once you watch the film.

where dreams die bib 39

where dreams die page 39
You can see the page number 40, which means 39 is on the other side. This matches Gary Robbin’s bib #39. I don’t know what page number the braille book is showing.

where dreams die bib 85

dreams die page 86 showing
This is page 85 and 86, which corresponds to Gary’s bib number 85 (?).
where dreams die page 85
Another page from a book that matches up with Gary’s bib number 85 (?).

Both Gary and Ethan said a few words before the movie began. The hall was packed with over 700 attendees.

The Ginger Runner speaking
Ethan Newberry, a.k.a. The Ginger Runner, made the film Where Dreams Go To Die. He gave a few words before the show and did a Q&A with Gary Robbins afterwards.
Gary Robbins Where Dreams Go To Die
Gary Robbins is shown here speaking at a podium before the movie begins.
Empty seats before movie starts
700+ people attended the movie

And yes, the movie was fantastic. If the tour is coming through your town or within driving distance, go see it!

Where Dream Go To Die movie

Until next time, keep running!

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