Yoga On YouTube

I do not like yoga. However, I do yoga.

Know why I don’t like yoga? Well, there are lots of reasons. But the main one is, yoga mats are gross.

I go to the gym. Frequently. This we know. But the idea of using a gym provided yoga mat makes my skin crawl.

Do I want to rub my face, hands, shirts and shorts onto a filthy mat covered in someone else’s…you get my point. For all the convenience of gym provided mats, they are not the same as gym provided towels (assuming you have a towel service, which my current gym sadly does not).

For all the times that I did use gym or studio provided yoga mats, they were usually too thin. My knees would get bruised, making me want to do yoga even less. So I’d double up. Which makes you feel slightly ridiculous and considerably more unsturdy.

So I yoga’d less.

Until a year or so ago when I got a gift card and wisely spent it on buying myself a yoga mat. A THICK yoga mat.

Alas, it’s thickness which I loved also made it heavy…which in turn made me not want to take it out of the house.

Then I discovered Adriene.

Now I can perform yoga from the comfort of my home. With my clean, thick mat. In a temperature that suits my liking. Without fear of smacking anyone around me with a foot or outstretched hand.

I can’t miss a class because there are none scheduled. If I want to wake up and get a morning yoga stretch in, done. Bedtime yoga? Check. Feel the need to loosen up my hips? All I have to do is get online and press play.

Yoga With Adriene

The best part is, so can you. Yoga With Adriene is a YouTube channel run by Adriene Mishler. As of writing she has well over 450 videos uploaded to her channel and over 4 million subscribers.

Her style is supportive, calming, and dare I say, even meditative at times.

Have an ache or tension in a particular part of your body? Do a search, she probably has a video specifically for what ails you.

Only have 10 or 15 minutes? She’s got yoga videos that run within that time frame.

Are you a beginner who doesn’t know their downward dog from their shavasana? She’s got yoga videos for you too. Lots of them.

Do More Yoga

Grab your mat, a glass of water (hey, you’re at home, no need for the bottle) and press play.

It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win

  • Free yoga videos
  • An incredible instructor
  • Held in a space you call your own
  • Atop a clean yoga mat

As someone who loves working out solo, I delight in knowing that every time I press play to yoga with Adriene that the chances are pretty darn high that someone else in the world is practicing right along side me thousands of miles away.