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I’m Hilary. A fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer and my happy place is working out in the gym (a close second would be hiking in the woods!).

I grew up playing sports. I was the only little girl on the Little League baseball teams. Ditto for soccer. Built for speed, I could race circles around the field and the bases. In high school I was a three season varsity athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and soccer.

In college I started falling in love with long distance running. In my 30s I completed my first half marathon, marathon and 50k. These days, I’m in the four aughts now, I spend most of my time in the gym lifting weights with just a sprinkling of cardio.

I’ll be the first to admit that being healthy is hard. There is so much health and fitness information floating out in the world, that it leaves you wondering, what’s in it for them? And more importantly, will this truly help me?

I’d like to say I’ll have all the answers for you, but that would be unrealistic. What I can promise you is an honest assessment of what I’m seeing and enjoying in the fascinating world of fitness.

You’ll notice that I don’t include photographs of the gyms, studios and classes I’m writing about. The simple explanation is: permission. For good reason, plenty of gyms don’t allow photography or recordings of any kind. As a regular gym-goer, I wholeheartedly appreciate that rule.

I love trying new exercise classes, finding ways to make my boring workouts fun again and sharing my experiences with all of you. Thanks for being here.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington with my husband Steve.

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