Join Team Hilary

Below is a roadmap to achieving a healthier you.


Fitness Consultation

Let’s talk about your fitness goals. It doesn’t have to be January to get started improving your overall health and well-being.


30 Day Fitness Program

Whether you hire me or not, following your fitness consultation you’ll receive a customized, full body workout plan. This is one simple way I can show you how sincere I am in wanting you to succeed in improving your health and achieving your fitness goals.

You’ve Got Goals

Train to run your first 5k | Sleep better | Learn to do a pull-up

It’s never too late to set a fitness goal


Coaching & Support

Discover what it feels like to get healthy with professional support from an experienced personal trainer. Plus, you’ll receive texts and emails notifying you of upcoming workouts, new goals and healthy recipes.


Track Your Progress

Easily keep track of your workouts. You’ll get training logs to record your progress and help keep you motivated.

Smash Your Fitness Goals

Don’t let your busy work life stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

I don’t regret working out, only not working out.

Future you

No Long Term Commitments

Tired of getting locked into months long training packages? Ask about my drop-in personal training option.

You Have The Power To Get Healthy